Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the birth of Hanuman Ji. In the month of Chaitra, the hanuman jayanti organised on Chaitra Poornima. We all know the power of Hanuman. He was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He was son of (Wind-God) Kesari and Anjani. He is the symbol of courage and energy. According to legends he was born to serve Parmatama Lord Rama. Hanuman ji also called by the names, Maruti, Pavanputra, Bajrangbali and Mahavira.He is an incarnation of Shiva. Hanuman Ji is depicted in the form of a Vanara. He has a lot magical power. He also knew to fly in the sky. He can move mountains and control the clouds with his magical power. On this web page we are discussing about Hanuman Jayanti.

The Birth Of Hanuman Ji:

Many years ago there was a famous apsara named Punjikasthala in heaven. On a occassion a rishi came in heaven and she insulted him. As a result this made angry to rishi and she got a curse that she would be born as a female monkey. After the birth she was named Anjana. Kesari was her husband. At that time Anjana had no son so she gave up food and water. She prayed to God Wind(Vayu) not only for a son but that he should be born with magical power. Vayu answered: "Tathastu", "Let it be as you desire." Anjana gave bith to her son hanuman in the morning of the 14th day of Chaitra in a cave on the Rushyamuk mountain. After some time when hanuman ji was five year old. He saw sun and he thought that it was a mango. He flew towards to eat it.
As he flew towards the sun then Rahu stood in his way but by the help of his tail he pushed Rahu aside. After some time ketu came but he also was removed by him. At last heaven king Inder came. He became angry and flung his weapon "vajra" on Hanuman, who was caught unawares. He was hit on his left knee, and fell on the top of a mountain. Then Wind God came to know about Hanuman;s fall. He was so anger so he stopped the wind. The condition of living beings became precarious. All God came to near Wind God and said him to give up his anger. After that Indra went to meet the unconscious Hanuman, praised him for surviving the stroke of his weapon and called him "Maruti". All God gave him many magical power.
Laal Deha Lali Lasay, Aru Dhari Lala Langura I
Bajra Deha Danaw Dalan, Jay Jay Jay kapi Sura II

Meaning Of This Doha: Your full body is red. Red Vermilion graced over your body. You wear a Langot of red color. Your body is solid. You are the destroyer of bad soul. You are a great victor.


Hanuman Jayanti is celebrate in many place on different dates. On this day people offer many fruits and sweets to the god. Many people fast from morning till evening. Many games played by the people on this festival. On this festival the wrestling is common. According to legend and day Sita was applying sindhoor to her head then hanuman asked question why she do like this then she replied that this would a long life for her husband. After this Hanuman smeared his entire body with sindhoor for lord Rama. It is a great festival of Hindu.

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti:

Aarti kije hanuman lalla ki, Dushta dalan raghunatha kla ki

Jake bal se girivar kampe, Roga dosh jake nikata na jhampe

Anjani putra mahabala dayi, Santana ke prabhu sada sahayi

De bira raghunatha pathaye, Lanka jaari siya sudhi laye

Lanka so kota samudra si khayi, Jata pavanasuta bara na layi

Lanka jari asura sanhare, Siyaram ji ke kaja samvare

Lakshmana murchhita pare sakare, Laye sanjivana prana ubare

Paithi patala tori jamkari, Ahiravana ki bhuja ukhare

Ba-e bhuja asura dal mare, Dahine bhuja santajana tare

Sura nara muni jana arati utare, Jai jai jai hanumana uchare

Kanchana thala kapura lai chhayi, Arati karata anjana mayi

Jo hanuman ji ki arati gavayi, Basi vaikuntha paramapada pavai

Aarti kije hanuman lalla ki, Dushta dalan raghunatha kala ki